Leveraging the IoT for Damage Prevention
Read Comstar Supply Product Manager Matt Brice's article on leveraging IoT for Damage Prevention published in "Locate 2018" to learn about new technologies that aid in damage prevention.

Fiber Optic Cable Solutions Guide
Looking for an all-inclusive guide on fiber cable? Comstar's Product Manager, Matt Brice, has put together a cheat sheet on optical fiber.

Leveraging the IoT
Comstar Supply Product Manager, Matt Brice, presented two new ways to leverage the IoT at the CGA 811 Safety Expo.

Demand Supply Chains
The telecommunications industry has been outsourcing non-critical functions within their business for years. Call center services, NOC after-hours functions, and billing, are all typical activities residing outside of core competencies partitioned out to third parties.

The Insatiable Demand for Fiber
Are you strategically-positioned with your distributor of choice to ensure you have the appropriate amount of fiber optic cable for your business?

The True Value of a Distribution Partner
Learn more about how to better leverage relationships and build strategic partnerships to add value to your business.

Damage in the Name of Prevention: Examining the Costs of Fiber Tracing Media
I ask network operators to reflect on how they specify and order materials based not just on capex, but also on some of the hidden operating costs with toning options on the market today.

Choosing between ADSS and Lashed Fiber
When you consider the two basic OSP fiber networks, there are cable types and construction methods that simply make better sense in each situation.