Industries Served

It is the goal of Comstar Supply, Inc. to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. We provide a diverse product line to help with your particular job or application. We provide an extensive product line for various applications. Industries served include:


Comstar Supply strives to be a one stop shop for contractors in the Telecommunication Industry. Our product line is especially chosen to meet the specific requirements for telecommunication jobs. We are a provider of fiber optic supplies including fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable splicing materials, HDPE innerduct and PVC Conduit and Bends, aerial tools and aerial hardware, and cable pulling equipment.


Utility Contractors find Comstar Supply to be an excellent resource for the supplies and tools needed to complete their job. Whether doing underground or aerial work, Comstar Supply offers a wide range of equipment options at competitive pricing.


Many of the tools and equipment offered by Comstar Supply are specially designed for the Power Industry. Heavy duty pullers such as the Condux WDR 505 and pulling ropes meet the needs of customers in the Power Industry.


Comstar Supply has developed relationships with many electrical contractors by providing specialty tools and equipment required by the electrical industry. Power cable pulling equipment and UL rated innerduct and PVC products highlight just some of the common purchases made by electrical contractors.


Municipalities who are doing their own utility and telecommunication work find Comstar Supply to be an excellent source for the tools and equipment needed to complete their jobs. We have worked with townships, boroughs and municipalities throughout the United States to help them establish their own networks and infrastructure.

Government and Military

Comstar Supply was founded by a United States veteran in 1994. Since then we have worked with both government and military contacts to provide superior customer service and competitive pricing on tools, equipment and supplies for government work.f


Customers in the Transportation Services industry find Comstar Supply to be a valuable resource because of our competitive rates, fast turn around and extensive vendor relationships. Products ranging from duct rodders and mandrels to fiber optic cable and pulling lubricant are commonly used by the Transportation Services Industry.