GMP Duct Rodders

3/8" X 300' Toneable Duct Rodder


GMP toneable duct rodder in 3/8″ diameter.

GMP toneable duct rodder in 3/8″ diameter.

Detectable duct rods are used to find, follow and accuratelymap the duct route without digging or trenching. The traceable duct rod is used in conjunction with both a signal transmitter and a receiver. The easily identifiable signal is transmitted along the entire length of the duct rod.

The toneable duct rod has an 18 AWG copper wire, almost twice the size of the competition, in the center of the fiberglass core. The copper wire is also connected to the end fittings so the transmitter leads can make a direct connection to the copper wire. The female end fitting provides the attachment point for the transmitter’s lead connection. The other transmitter lead is connected to a stake driven into the earth. The direct connection of the signal to the copper wire provides the most effective method of signal transmission.

Toneable Duct Rodder Features
• Large internal copper conductor
• Premium rod material
• Can be used with a sonde

Used with Traceable Rod Detection Transmitter and Receiver
More Information
Short Description

GMP toneable duct rodder in 3/8″ diameter.

Manufacturer Part Number88224
Rod Diameter in [Imperial]3/8
Length ft [Imperial]300
Width in [Imperial]31
Minimum Bending Radius in [Imperial]12.2
Cage Diameter in [Imperial]33.5
Pull Strength lb [Imperial]1400
Tension Working Load lb [Imperial]10000
Weight lb [Imperial]69
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