Declaration of Service

Comstar Supply is more than just a distributor – We go the "last mile" for our customers.

The main purpose of our Declaration of Service is to define how Comstar Supply is different from other distributors. It lends a focus to who we are, what we do and why we do it – all with a goal of continually bringing our effort, energy and enthusiasm to the “last mile” for our customers.

Who We Are

Comstar Supply is a dynamic provider of outside plant products and services to thousands of telecom carriers and network utility contractors and other providers across the U.S. We have built this company to be a true business partner for our customers. We help guide their efforts with business-critical network planning, processes and telecom plant to ensure they stay competitive and maximize results. We are a nimble entrepreneurial company focused on delivering exceptional customer service and support.

Focus on Customer Care

Our idea of customer care begins with first discovery of our company and continues through the entire life cycle of the distribution process. We provide a complete, end-to-end model, from order fulfillment to logistics, all with a focus on satisfying our customers. We rely on our ability to move decision making as close to the customer as possible for immediate results. We guarantee 100% satisfaction in our products, service and support – exceeding customer expectations with every order.

Strong Supplier Relationships

We nurture strong business relationships with industry-leading suppliers to ensure a diverse product set that meets the needs of our customers. We continually update our knowledge base and train our employees on new game-changing technology that fosters innovation at every level of our business. We extend that learning to customers and prospects with dedicated staff and resources available for reliable support.

Valued Employees

Our success is solely dependent on the energy, enthusiasm and support of our employees. We develop programs and training to cultivate a spirit of dedication and commitment in every team member. We value every employee equally because each plays a significant role in the success of our business. And we continually encourage input and constructive feedback at every level of the company to ensure satisfaction at all touch points throughout the customer experience.

Putting it All to Work for You

Achieving our vision – and building trust among our suppliers, employees and customers – is the principle goal at Comstar Supply. Putting the needs of our customers first allows us to deliver on the original mission of our founder, Earl Punchard, who in 1994 set out to “provide the communications industry with the necessary materials to successfully complete projects in a timely and price-effective manner.” It is with this declaration that we are eagerly ready to serve and fulfill the needs of our customers. We value not only your business but also your trust.