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The True Value of a Distribution Partner
Learn more about how to better leverage relationships and build strategic partnerships to add value to your business.
The Insatiable Demand for Fiber
Are you strategically-positioned with your distributor of choice to ensure you have the appropriate amount of fiber optic cable for your business?
Choosing between ADSS and Lashed Fiber
When you consider the two basic OSP fiber networks, there are cable types and construction methods that simply make better sense in each situation.

Interactive Apps

Comstar City
Comstar City
Take a Virtual Tour through a city wired to the teeth in Fiber Optic Cable-- all sourced form Comstar Supply.

Comstar Magic Mile
A tool that is indispensable for any lineman, and will help quickly build a common bill of materials, Comstar's Magic Mile features a comprehensive list of the common aerial hardware used in rigging a utility pole. Instantly calculate line item quantities based on poles-per-mile and total miles.


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