Polyethylene Pole Riser System

Electrical Materials Company plastic U-Guards (risers) are designed to give non-conductive, high impact protection for utility power and communication cables installed vertically on poles. The EMC U-Guard offers excellent impact strength and weather-ability over a temperature range greater than any other non-conductive riser material. We are the industry leader in plastic risers and with many satisfied customers, the EMC U-Guard has proven to be one of our best selling products. The reasons for the success of our plastic U-Guard are its many features listed below:

  • Installs quickly and easily with EMC's U-Guard fasteners.
  • Easily field cut to desired length.
  • Ribbed surface.
  • Sizes: 1” through 6”. Lengths of 5’, 8’, and 10’
  • Belled end on 2" through 6" provides for overlap on adjacent sections.
  • Excellent UV protection.

U-Guard is the superior alternative to conduit riser systems and U-Guard provides savings in material cost, installation time and maintenance.

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    2" U Guard Plastic 10' Length
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